Within investment complexes and partial technological changes our company ensures elaboration of complex project documentation from a feasibility study to as-built documentation.
An integral part of our company is also a following realization of the work, the so-called “turn-key solution”.


  • Elaboration of a missing production documentation for machine parts according to actual parameters (a part – an assembly – a machine)
  • Survey of an actual condition of a defective part
  • Investigation of a part – an assembly – a machine – a device relationship
  • Assessment of manufacturability and a subsequent selection of the applicable manufacturing technology
  • Price proposal


  • Fabrication of 3D model of a machine part
  • Manufacture of the part by 3D printing
  • Ensuring the prototype manufacturing

Digitalization of manufacturing documentation and visualization

  • Fabrication of 3D models based on the existing documentation
  • Transformation of existing drawings to the electronic format
  • Preparation of supporting documentation for manuals or operation procedures

Development and manufacture of single-purpose machines

Providing of a complex design oriented on customer’s requirement

  • Feasibility study
  • Making of a primary model
  • Visualization of the device
  • Definition of collisions
  • Strength analyses through the Finite Elements Method
  • Elaboration of the complex manufacturing documentation
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • MaR
    • Hydraulics

Execution of steel structures according to ČSN EN 1090-2

  • Survey of geometrical position
  • Design of construction units
  • Static analysis
  • Elaboration of shop drawings/documentation

CAx supported designing and construction work

  • AUTOCAD 2019 LT
  • Inventor Professional 2018
  • Product Design & Manufacturing Collection IC
  • MS Project 2016 Profesional

Mechanical Engineering


We provide complex services for manufacture, installation and repairs of welded and mechanically assembled piping systems.
e are holders of EN ISO 3834-2 certificate and own a wide range of welding documents (WPS and WPQR) for welding methods 111, 135 and 141 for materials of carbon, alloyed, stainless and duplex steels. We have experience in welding with pre-heating as well as following heat treatment (annealing) after welding.


  • Conventional machining of rotational parts to a diameter of 800 mm and a length of 5000 mm including grinding to 3500 mm
  • Three-axis and five-axis CNC milling and drilling to a weight of 16 tons
  • Milling of helical gears
  • Surface grinding

Shape burning and cutting

  • Shape cutting of sheets and other materials to a thickness of 200 mm and dimensions of 2 x 6 m by a water jet with a 3D tilting head
  • Plasma cutting of sheets to a thickness of 30 mm and dimensions of 2 x 6 m

Sheet forming

  • Press-braking of sheets to a length of 6 m
  • Cutting of sheets to a length of 6 m and a thickness of 13 mm
  • Roll-bending of sheets to a length of 3 m and a thickness of 35 mm

Small lifting devices

Electrical Engineering

  • Manufacture of LV switchgears
  • Installation of equipment to 1000 V and higher
  • Installation of equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Frequency converters
  • Frequency converters

Measurement and Regulation

  • Measuring elements for pressure, temperature, flow rate, level, pH, density, weight, velocity, chemical properties etc.
  • Actuators – drives, control valves, heating units etc.
  • Robotic manipulators
  • Management Systems

    We focus on complete supplies, solutions and maintenance in the field of control systems and industrial automation:

    • Consumption measuring and output regulation systems
    • SIEMENS PLC (Logo, Simatic S5, S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500
    • ABB (AC500)
    • TECO (Tecomat)
    • Toptech (MultiLoad II)
    • Emerson (Floboss S600+)
    • SCADA (WinCC, TIA Portal, Reliance, InTouch)
    • Industry 4.0

    Legislative Activities

    • Electrical installations
    • Lifting devices
    • Pressure equipment
    • Gas equipment

    Geodetic Activities

    • Activities in a field of engineering geodesy