SUTOR Global s. r. o. was established in 1995 through separation of a lifting equipment section from Chemopetrol a. s. and its name was ZZ Servis spol. s r. o. to 2017. Our company provided above all repairs, inspections, maintenance and installation of lifting devices, rope shunting devices and filling and discharging equipment in Litvínov-Záluží chemical plant premises. In the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century the company has been growing and started to offer more activities, from the manufacture of steel structures through delivery and assembly of piping and technological complexes to complete deliveries in a field of control systems and electroinstallations. Thanks to extending a portfolio of our activities, professions, staff and customers, SUTOR Global s. r. o. has nowadays the authorization for installation, repair and inspection of specified lifting, pressure, gas and electrical equipment.

In 2017, thanks to our expansion to other business branches and creation of new divisions, ZZ Servis spol. s. r. o. changed the name to SUTOR Global s. r. o., where this division name has an extension ‘Industries’. Our company offers complex solutions within deliveries, manufacture, installation, repairs, inspections and renovations for particular industrial segments and also a wide range of individual activities.

In cooperation with technical universities and specialized companies, SUTOR Global s. r. o. provides engineering, advisory and consultancy services for chemical, mining, metallurgical, mechanical engineering and energy industries.

With our well over 200 permanent employees and own production buildings we are capable to ensure complete deliveries of large industrial complexes for above mentioned industrial sectors. SUTOR Global s. r. o. owns a large fleet of handling and transport machines, which is used for realization of all kinds of orders.

Subject of business

Abstract of the vocational trades register:
execution of constructions, their changes and removal
Production, trade and services not listed in appendices 1 – 3 of the Trades Licensing Act
Installation, repair, inspection and testing of lifting equipment
Locksmithery, tool making
Installation, repair, inspection and testing of electrical equipment
Installation, repair, inspection and testing of gas equipment and the filling of vessels with gas
Installation, repair, inspection and testing of pressure equipment and gas vessels
Manufacture, installation and repair of electrical machinery and appliances, electronic and telecommunication equipment
Provision of technical services for the protection of property and persons
Land surveying activities

Legal identity / Basic data

Abstract of the Commercial Register:
File number: C 9843 held at the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem
Trade name: SUTOR Global s. r. o.
Place of business: Most – Kopisty 1, PSČ 43401
Identification number: 64051072
Legal form: Limited liability company